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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;

teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Generate over US$60 million per annum for education

How? By redirecting money spent on fuel. An administration of a decade ago stated that savings of US$60 million per annum could be generated from waste-to-energy. 

Hence we need to create a transparent waste-to-energy industry that is run for the people.

  • Build a 500kW plant to prove it's viability (it is not heresy!)
  • Raise capital for expansion and for plants across the island.
  • Solar powered schools, street lighting and government buildings.

Last year we spent US$4.75 billion on fuel. Sunshine and organic waste will always be abundant free fuel. We could save at least US$500 million per annum. Byproducts:

  • Jobs
  • Cleaner island

Overview of waste-to-energy: https://youtu.be/iioOVevReOs


Profligacy: Our finance minister billed the people for over US$65,000...

In China: Panda Green Energy recently connected a US$52 million 50 MW solar array to their grid.

Fuel is by far the greatest contributor to the cost of electricity, around 75% of the bill.

  • Cost of fuel: $0

Only 3% of our electricity is generated from solar power.

In Jamaica: US$330 million construction of a LNG 190 MW power plant.

Fuel is by far the greatest contributor to the cost of electricity, around 75% of the bill.

  • Cost of fuel: last year we spent US$4.75 billion

Question: why is the government uninterested in pandas?

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My name is John Lennon and I am a British expatriate living in Montego Bay. I am very passionate about the environment and it's inextricable link to education. I want to build the first waste-to-energy plant, sell power to the grid and use the profits for education. I sold my home in London to fund a solar facility at a school but incredibly that project failed to get off the ground (see the About Us section). But that is Jamaica for you. So undeterred......

I was born in the UK during Beatlemania and when the nurse saw Lennon on my name tag she postfixed John. Whilst it is a good ice breaker, the problem is that most people remember my name whilst I cannot return the favour. I have met a Paul McCartney, spoken to a Mark Chapman and believe it or not I checked into a hotel at the same time as another John Lennon. 

Anyway, I spent my teenage years here before returning to the UK. Jamaica was very different back then. Some things have improved: today it is much easier to get around the island and shops are always well stocked. However, crime is certainly worse today and I think the same can be said for poverty. On our current course, I am not optimistic about the future.

I think we can start to address these issues if we create a transparent renewable energy industry. Please continue to read to see how this can be achieved.

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