Generate over US100 million per annum for education

How? By redirecting money spent on fuel. An administration of a decade ago stated that savings of US$60 million per annum could be generated from waste-to-energy.

In 2015 the state electricity bill was around US$118 million. 

Hence we need to create a transparent not for profit renewable energy industry that is run by the people for the people.

  • Build waste-to-energy plants.
  • Remove all public infrastructure off the grid.

In 2017 we spent US$4.75 billion on fuel. Sunshine, win and organic waste will always be abundant free fuel.


  • Jobs
  • Cleaner island
  • Free and better education 

Overview of waste-to-energy: https://youtu.be/iioOVevReOs

Boot them out!


Profligacy: Our finance minister billed the people for over US$65,000...


In China: Panda Green Energy recently connected a US$52 million 50 MW solar array to their grid.

Fuel is by far the greatest contributor to the cost of electricity, around 75% of the bill.

  • Cost of fuel: $0

Only 3% of our electricity is generated from solar power.


In Jamaica: US$330 million LNG 190 MW power plant has been constructed.

Fuel is by far the greatest contributor to the cost of electricity, around 75% of the bill.

  • Cost of fuel: in 2017 we spent US$4.75 billion

Question: why is the government uninterested in pandas?


Corruption! Over 30 years and no jail time

A country where corruption is seen as the norm; the PM cannot explain his wealth but this is acceptable.


Corruption! Only in Jamaica could 600,000 barrels of oil disappear

600,000 barrels of oil has disappeared into the ether and no one has been held accountable. Yes, unrefined oil valued over $43 million, gone like a fart in the wind.

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My name is John Lennon and I am a British expatriate living in Montego Bay. I am very passionate about the environment and it's inextricable link to education. I want to build the first waste-to-energy plant, sell power to the grid and use the profits for education. I sold my home in London to fund a solar facility at a school but incredibly that project failed to get off the ground (see the About Us section). But that is Jamaica for you. So undeterred......

I was born in the UK during Beatlemania and when the nurse saw Lennon on my name tag she postfixed John. Whilst it is a good ice breaker, the problem is that most people remember my name whilst I cannot return the favour. I have met a Paul McCartney, spoken to a Mark Chapman and believe it or not I checked into a hotel at the same time as another John Lennon. 

Anyway, I spent my teenage years here before returning to the UK. Jamaica was very different back then. Some things have improved: today it is much easier to get around the island and shops are always well stocked. However, crime is certainly worse today and I think the same can be said for poverty. On our current course, I am not optimistic about the future.

I think we can start to address these issues if we create a transparent renewable energy industry. Please continue to read to see how this can be achieved.

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